Workshops & 1-1's

From time to time I will host workshops and 1-2-1’s, these will vary from general 1-2-1’s and a chance to chat about anything you want to, to specialist factual drama sessions working on scripts taken from previous broadcast work in mock audition style  – please keep an eye on twitter or email to register interest in upcoming sessions.

How it works

Sessions are announced via twitter.

They are arranged in blocks of 10 on pre-agreed days, running from 12 – 3.30. Each actor has a 15 minute slots. I ask for actors to sign up and send their details 3 days prior.

The sessions run as a general look at Spotlight profile/CV/showreels, discussions about reel, answering any questions about self taping, zoom audition process, general chat and getting to know each other.

For those actors not on Spotlight we can view any material you do have via links or advise on how best you can build the right showreel material to suit you and what we look for from the CD perspective.

Sessions cost £15 to include prep time to view work and make notes beforehand and the 15 mins session time, £5 of that goes to our nominated charity.

What actors have said about it...

"Really detailed  and personal , nurturing feedback from Nikki - she is so supportive and encouraging"

"Thank you so much. It really meant the world and your advice has really helped me this year to freshen up my profile and make the best of it." 

"Nikki’s comments were so valuable. I’ve learned so much! Will be recommending this to all of my friends."

What acting networks have said about it...

"Nikki has one of the warmest and giving personalities in the industry. It doesn’t take long after meeting Nikki to see how invested she is in the progress and benefit of the actors. In a recent workshop Nikki gave script content that really meant something to her and allowed actors to deliver deep emotional performances.
Nikki gave really useful and individual guidance and advice to each actor, which really helped lift and enhance their performances. Many actors emailed us directly after asking to pass on their thanks to Nikki for what she did for them and to show their appreciation. Working with Nikki is a real joy."

Take One Stage And Screen Academy
"Nikki is supportive, encouraging, and generous with the insight and wisdom she's accrued over her exciting career.  We have had the privilege of setting her up with some of our members for one-on-one sessions, and they were all overjoyed and empowered by the experience.  They described Nikki as brilliantly helpful, insightful and practical, and a joy to chat with, and I can't help but agree."

Rob Stevenson, The Mandy Network
"Nikki has been a wonderful addition to the Acting Habit family of workshop hosts. Actors love working with her - she is detailed and precise, has a deep and wide-ranging knowledge of the business, and is always unfailingly supportive and constructive with her feedback. The care she takes shines through in her approach - she is generous with her time and goes the extra mile, and she has a lightness of touch that really helps actors find their best performances"

Manuel Puro, Casting Director – The Acting Habit

Having never done workshops or 1-2-1’s, come March 2020 I suddenly found myself on a crash course on navigating We Audition and Zoom and discovering the joy (yes actual joy!) of 1-2-1’s.

We spent pretty much all of March – June in a work no-mans land, all my drama production work collapsed overnight and so the contact and connection via these free sessions (and later the ones I did for charity, raising over £600 for The Trussell Trust) were literally a sanity saver.

A lot of biscuits were eaten - and discussed (on social media I think I had pineapple jaffa cakes trending at one point) and a lot of hours flew by - a 7 hour session being my most impressive stint, (on paper at least, probably less so for the poor actors who got me talking gibberish by that stage) I met a lot of actors, saw a lot of new work, started a file named “gems found in lockdown” , found a brilliant new actor an agent, gave an unrepped actor her first job…spirits were lifted – mine and I hope yours.…

And it made me want to do more, so I am now doing 1-2-1’s and workshop courses like the Acting Habit with Manuel Puro when I can.

I will always keep costs low, offer some sessions free where I can (via Spotlight and we audition and other actors organisations) and where there is a fee, I’ll continue to support charities by donating a third of what you pay to a chosen organisation like the brilliant Trussell Trust, who support foodbanks across the country at a time where need is greater than ever.

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